About Us

Who we are

Titutitech is a videogame and commercial software development company based in Barcelona, Spain.

In addition to programming, we provide localization, consulting, gamification... and much more.

We are a young company, but with lots of accumulated years of experience in the industry both in AAA and indie markets. Our team is flexible and will adapt to your workflow smoothly.

If you are looking for a cost-effective professional solution, please contact us!

How we work

Since our foundation, we have had the challenge of working with collaborators and clients from very different time zones (including the UK, Japan, US and Spain). Luckily we are proud to say that we have tackled all the communications and problems in a professional, agile and effective way.

With the confidence of having experienced a wide range of working methodologies in all sorts of projects (ranging from AAA games to simple casual games) we feel we can easily adapt to our clients' workflow and bring a lot to them.

Internally, we have adopted an agile approach to development. This approach allows us to easily progress in the different tasks and provide a fast and flexible answer to our client's requirements. Using an iterative development where team devotes a fixed period of time per task allows a constant evolution of the project from start to finish.

We believe that this fluent communication with our clients through deliveries and flexible design requirements based on feedback is the perfect formula to satisfy both clients and keep our team engaged and motivated.